2017-2018 Information


Classroom Welcome Letters


Welcome Letter Katie Arnold

Welcome letter Karalee Bell

Welcome for Stephen Bertles

Welcome Letter Brooke Carter

Welcome Letter Hillary Conlon

Welcome Letter Corina Gurule

Welcome Letter Rachel Jorgensen

Welcome Letter Bryan Kottke

Welcome letter Bev Kretz

Welcome Letter Kathy Lange

Welcome Letter Cynthia Lacey

Welcome Letter Katherine Lurtz (Cookie)

Welcome Letter Demi Molina

Welcome Letter Patty Paul

Welcome Letter Ms. Hilary Rubin

Welcome Letter Keithland Wilhite

Welcome Letter Ms. Betsy Whipple




We will offer the following sections for the 2018-2019 School Year:

  • 1 classroom that has a mix of preschool and Kindergarten students with autism
  • 2 AM  3-Year Old Preschool Classrooms, 2 PM  3-Year Old Preschool Classrooms
  • 2  Classrooms of Full-day 3-Year Old Preschool
  • 1 AM  4-Year old Preschool Classroom, 1 PM 4-Year Old Preschool Classroom
  • 8 Classrooms of Full-day 4-Year Old Preschool
  • 3 Cory Kindergarten Classrooms


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