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Annual Family Update

Annual Family Update is available from July 27th – August 10th. All information for current students must be verified with DPS every year.  Annual Family Update, DPS’ online registration process, opens July 27. During Annual Family Update, you will have the option to enroll in the 100% virtual program option or the in-person learning option, which may include full-time in-person learning or a mix of in-person and remote learning, for the 2020-21 fall semester. This is also the time to verify and update your household information. You will need a Parent Portal account to participate. Read more about Annual Family Update, including how to create or retrieve your log-in information.

Annual Family Update can only be completed by the parent/guardian listed in the primary household of the student record. Parents/guardians must have an active DPS Parent Portal account; check for an active account or create an account at myportal.dpsk12.org. Then, log in anytime between 8 a.m. July 27 and your school’s fall registration deadline.

To help families with these decisions, you can find important updates about in-person and virtual learning options, transportation and more at www.dpsk12.org. You can also visit our Return to School website for up-to-date information, including an extensive FAQ.


IMPORTANT: What if I took part in the Early Bird Annual Family Update in the spring?      

If you completed Annual Family Update in the spring, thank you! However, we still need important information from you. We need you to enroll in the 100% virtual program option or the in-person learning option, which may include full-time in-person learning or a mix of in-person and remote learning, for the 2020-21 fall semester.

To make this selection, please fill out a registration addendum and return it to your school at your earliest convenience before school starts. The form is available from your school during its registration period. Please contact your school for more information and its deadline to return this form.


What information do I update during Annual Family Update?

  • During Annual Family Update, families will be able to officially enroll their student in either in-person learning or a virtual program through December 2020.
  • Parent/guardians can update contact information and preferences, upload proof of address for address changes, add or remove emergency contacts, provide information about health conditions and medications, upload immunization documentation, and review and sign policies and releases.
  • The following information cannot be updated online during Annual Family Update:
    • Name changes
    • Address changes (parents/guardians can check the “change of address” box in the Annual Family Update, and can upload a proof of address. The new address itself cannot be entered directly by the parent/guardian.)
    • Race/ethnicity (the school will need to be notified of any changes)
    • Removing guardians (this will need to be done with the school with the proper paperwork


Who can complete the Annual Family Update?

Any family with a currently enrolled DPS student and a Parent Portal account can take part. However, only the primary parent or guardian registered in Infinite Campus can complete Annual Family Update.

How do I complete the Annual Family Update process?

Annual Family Update is available from 8 a.m. July 27 until 4 p.m. August 10. Annual Family Update is completed online by signing into myportal.dpsk12.org using your Parent Portal username and password. If you do not have a Parent Portal account, you can also create one at myportal.dpsk12.org.

Detailed instructions in English and Spanish.

How do I create a Parent Portal account?

  • Navigate to myportal.dpsk12.org and click on “Create an account.”
  • Fill out the form on the next screen. You will need the ID number of one of your students in order to create a Parent Portal account.
  • Once the form is completed, click Submit. You will be prompted to select your username and password; click Submit.
  • An activation email will be sent to the email used to create your account. Please click the link in the email in order to activate your account. Once completed, you will receive another email informing your account is now active (this may take up to 15 minutes).


When do I need to complete Annual Family Update?

The Early Bird window for families to complete Annual Family Update is May 1-31 at 4 p.m. There will also be a second window this summer beginning July 20. Parents may also update their information with their school during fall registration.

What if I don’t complete Annual Family Update online?

If you don’t review and update your information online during one of the two windows, you’ll be required to complete a paper version during fall registration at your school.

Who do I contact for help?

  1. For password reset or username support, please email dps_portalteam@dpsk12.org with the following information: parent first/last name, student first/last name, contact information.
  2. For incorrect or missing information on your student’s verification, contact your DPS school.
  3. For Annual Family Update application technical errors, contact your school.


There’s a red box covering the text. What does it mean and how do I get rid of it?

The red box indicates an answer or selection is required. Clicking on the red box will make it disappear.



**Please email Staci (staci_becker@dpsk12.org) or Hannah (Hannah_Ward@dpsk12.org) if you need your child’s student ID or if you have any questions.


Detailed instructions in English and Spanish

Annual Family Update informational flier