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Breakfast is served from 8:00 am to 8:30 am for those students who are brought to school by family transportation. Students who arrive for breakfast must be accompanied by their parent/guardian until the start of the school day. Students who arrive by bus have the option to have breakfast once they arrive at school.

Adult breakfast is $2.00 cash, including beverage.

Sibling breakfast is $1.50 cash, including beverage.


The option for hot lunch is available to all students who attend CEE. For those students in full-day ECE there will be a designated lunch time with appropriate adult coverage. Half-day parents may bring students down to the lunchroom to eat after AM sessions or before PM sessions if they choose to do so.  Parents are asked to stay with students during this time.

Lunch is served “family style” at CEE for those students partaking in hot lunch.

Lunch Price for ECE is: $1.75 for any paying student. Qualified free or reduced lunch price students eat at no charge because of federal funding for the ages we serve at this school.

Adult meals are $4.00 with milk, cash only.

We would love to have you join your student and have lunch with them anytime! All adult hot-lunch meals however must be paid for at the school and cannot come out of any child’s school lunch account.

Payment Options:
Prepaying for lunches is recommended. Children may charge up to $5.25 in the event that payment is not received. Prior to this limit being reached, a written notice will be given to the child to notify the parent/guardian.

Pre-payment options include:
Deposits of any amount to your student’s account (using student ID number) either at the school cafeteria or on-line at (accounts are created through student ID number, and you will need to pull up your student’s home school).  All students have personal accounts regardless of paying status (free, reduced or full-pay).

Afternoon Snack:
Afternoon snack is provided at no charge for all full-day students courtesy of the Early Education department. We discourage families bringing individualized snacks during this time unless your child has a specific food allergy or health-issue.  Snack menus will be sent home/posted on the web in advance with the monthly school lunch menu.


Free and Reduced lunch applications are available in our school office if  needed.

 See the Nutrition Services Policy Below:

Charge Policy: Any student in grades ECE – 5, who forgets or loses his /her money, may charge up to $5.25. THIS DOES NOT APPLY DURING THE LAST  MONTH OF THE SCHOOL YEAR (DURING WHICH NO CHARGES ARE ALLOWED).

  •  Prior to this limit being reached, a written notice will be given to the student to notify the parent/guardian. If payment for charges is not received by the time this charge limit is reached, an alternate meal (cheese sandwich and white milk) will be served.
  • If charges are still not paid after 3 alternate meals have been served, then the student will be served a healthy snack of white milk and graham crackers.
  • We will not charge for the alternate meal or healthy snack.  All  other charges MUST be paid back.The manager will send the principal an email every day stating which kids  were served an alternate meal. If a student is “free”, we will NOT give  them an alternate meal or healthy snack to force them to pay for outstanding charges; however, these charges will still need to be paid  back.
  • Only “reduced” or “paid” students should receive the alternate meal or healthy snack. The kitchen manager should be talking to the principal or  guidance counselor about students who do not have money on their account or who have not filled out a meal application.