Aug 12


Dedicated to Early Childhood Education
Opened in 2009, Stephen Knight Center for Early Education is a school comprised of only Preschool and Kindergarten classes.  We feed into our neighborhood schools of Asbury, Cory, Slavens, Steele, and University Park as well as many other DPS schools as part of the Choice process.

We offer students a hands-on, energetic, enriching, and developmentally appropriate program in a safe learning evironment. We have a very strong staff that is supported by a rich curriculum. We have strong parent and community involvement as well as consistent connections with our home schools that support and strengthen our program.

We are a community of learners, each of us a learner. As educators, we learn from one another, utilizing the strengths of our colleagues to increase our own capacity as professionals. Parents are valuable members of our community. We share knowledge and experience with our parent community, while we learn from parents about the important individual needs of our students. When adults are engaged and excited about learning we create a love for learning and a high level of energy that is sustained throughout the school year.Here we believe learning, love and laughter are our greatest sources of energy.