Field Day is Friday May 5th!

Posted April 13, 2023

Hi SKCEE Families,

It’s that time of year… FIELD DAY! There is a lot of info here, so please read thoroughly.


Friday, May 5th

Jess Perez & 103 AM9:00-10:45Cara Havenar11:15-1:00
Hillary Hrgich AM9:15-11:00Ronda Bailey/ Grace Cochran11:30-1:15
Corina Gurule9:30-11:15Dani Petz11:45-1:30
Emily Lapierre9:45-11:30Quinn Duvall12:00-1:45
Kathy Kuskulis10:00-11:45Salynthia Russell12:15-2:00
Kathy Dock10:15-12:00Karri Hart12:30-2:15
Kenny Gurule10:30-12:15Brittany Kline12:45-2:30
Michelle Morales10:45-12:30Jess Perez & 103 PM1:00-2:45
Shannon Mathiebe11:00-12:45Hillary Hrgich PM1:15-3:00


We are trying something new this year. There will be a staggered start for classes to begin the Field Day stations. We would like to have 3 “official” volunteers for each ECE class and 4 “official” volunteers for each Kindergarten class. These volunteers will stay with their class through all stations, and they will be responsible for implementing the stations and rotating to the next station on time. Official volunteers will receive all information for each station well before Field Day so they have time to familiarize themselves with the station guidelines. These are very simple stations with few rules, but it is still important to know what to expect. Here is a link to Sign Up Genius if you’re interested in volunteering:

We are also looking for a few volunteers to help set up stations in the morning and bring equipment back into the gym in the afternoon. 

Please contact your student(s)’s classroom teacher for questions regarding any special classroom-based activities such as a picnic or additional activities. 


We have created an Amazon Wishlist of equipment that we need in order to have the best Field Day! If you are willing and able to purchase anything for our 2023 Field Day, please visit the list HERE:


  • Sunscreen
  • Towel
  • Water bottle
  • Change of clothes

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me! Looking forward to a fun Field Day!

Sara Whatmore

Physical Education